Tetra Fish Tank Filter for Happier Fish

The Tetra ‘Whisper’ fish tank filter provides a great choice for up to 330 gallons per hour filtration, ranging from just 3 to 70 gallons tank size.

This review looks at the range and what you can expect from the Whisper IQ, EX Power, Internal Power and Whisper Power filter.

An aquarium filter not only cleans the water your fish breathe but also helps keep your tank looking pristine. But do users trust their tank to Tetra brand’s filtration products.


What are the Tetra filters?

Internal filters

These are primarily made for smaller aquariums (under 20 gallons) and are placed inside the aquarium to provide water movement.



Power filters

Typically use disposable cartridges and hang on the back edge of your aquarium.  Often known as Hang on Back filters or HOB filters.



Whisper IQ Power Filter

Whisper IQ filters use StayClean technology for easier maintenance and healthy fish. A sound barrier decouples motor from filter to give you the quiet you’ve always wanted. With better materials and impeller upgrades, these filters are made to last. It’s time for a filter that’s easy to use and easy to clean!

Whisper IQ technology gives you a filter that is does the job while staying quiet. The SoundShield provides a barrier between the motor and filter to minimize noise. Combine that with vibration dampening technology and these filters give you quiet power to keep your tank clean.

Generating, on average, sound levels of less than 40 decibels, Whisper® IQ is one of the quietest filters on the market. The quality inside includes a range of improvements and unique design innovations that enhance performance and increase customization.

1 | Proprietary Impeller Design
Improved impeller construction for enhanced reliability.

2 | Smart Path Spillway
Oxygenates the water and agitates the surface.

3 | Adjustable Intake
Telescopes up and down to fit your aquarium’s needs.

4 | Flow Control
Reduces flow for Bettas, plants, feeding or other low-flow needs.

5 | BioGrid
Cultivates aerobic bacteria that remove toxic ammonia and nitrite.

6 | Stay Clean Technology
Helps keep aquariums cleaner, longer.

7 | Self-Priming Motor
Submerged motor starts up with no priming required.

8 | Sound Shield
A soft barrier separates the motor from the filter to minimize noise.

Designed for freshwater or marine aquariums, Whisper IO is elevating the aquatic experience through sound design. Choose from a variety of sizes, including 10, 20, 30, 45, and 60 gallons.

Whisper IQ 10 use Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridges with Stay Clean Technology (Unassembled) Medium Cartridge.

Whisper IQ 20, Whisper IQ 30, Whisper IQ 45 and Whisper IQ 60 use Whisper Bio-Bag Cartridges with Stay Clean Technology (Unassembled) Large Cartridge.

The product comes in the following sizes:
Whisper IQ 10 – 105 GPH
Whisper IQ 20 – 130 GPH
Whisper IQ 30 – 175 GPH
Whisper IQ 45 – 215 GPH
Whisper IQ 60 – 300 GPH


Instructions:  Whisper IQ – Link click HERE.

Silence that speaks volumes

Whisper EX Power Filter

The intuitive filtration system. Every feature of the Whisper EX has been designed with simplicity and convenience in mind. This is truly the intuitive filtration system.

  • Simple Set Up – Ready to go right out of the box. No priming required.
  • Scientifically Engineered Water Flow — Continuous flushing action prevents debris build up.

Outflow maximizes water agitation and oxygenation. Whisper EX Filtration Systems use Tetra EX Carbon Filters.


The product comes in the following sizes:
Whisper EX 20 – 110 GPH
Whisper EX 30 – 160 GPH
Whisper Ex 45 – 240 GPH
Whisper EX 70 – 240 GPH

Instructions:  Whisper EX Filter – Link click HERE.


Whisper Internal Power Filter

The Tetra Whisper internal aquarium filter is the ultimate in quiet, convenient 3-stage filtration. The dual-sided mesh of the Bio-Bag catches debris and fish waste while the activated carbon absorbs odors and discoloration. Biological filtration is provided by the Bio-Scrubber. Bio-Scrubber’s anti-clog design provides complete biological filtration with the convenience of less maintenance. Because the Bio-Scrubber has a solid back, water is forced to flow evenly over the bacteria-rich bristles. The filter is submersible.


This product comes in the following sizes:
Whisper 3i – 20 GPH
Whisper 10i – 80 GPH
Whisper 20i – 125 GPH
Whisper 40i – 170 GPH



Instructions:  Whisper Internal Power Filter 3i – Link click HERE.

Whisper Internal Power Filter 10i, 20i and 40i – Link click HERE.


Whisper Power Filter

Three filters in one for cleaner water and healthier fish. All Whisper power filters use easy to change Bio-Bag filter cartridges which remove particles floating in your aquarium while also removing discoloration and odors with its activated carbon. Biological filtration is provided by the Bio-Foam.

This product comes in the flowing sizes:
Whisper PF 10 – 90 GPH
Whisper PF 20 – 105 GPH
Whisper PF 30 – 145 GPH
Whisper PF 40 – 210 GPH
Whisper PF 60 – 330 GPH


Instructions:  Whisper Power Filter – Link click HERE.


About Tetra

Tetra has been around since 1951. Tetra offer thousands of products and serve more than 1,000 dealers worldwide. They have three main brands: Tetra, Tetrafauna, and TetraPond.

Tetra is now owned by Spectrum Brands Holdings, which also owns Marineland and Instant Ocean brands.

Consumer Support can be reached at 1-800-526-0650, 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday.

Ask Tetra

Ask Tetra is a great way to share information with fish enthusiasts just like you.


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6 thoughts on “Tetra Fish Tank Filter for Happier Fish”

  1. IMO the Tetra fish tank filter isn’t built quite as well as it used to. I had the motor die just 7 months after I bought it. A few months before that, it had started to stall a few times, so I adjusted the intake nozzle to engage the impeller. This seemed to work.. for a while. I prefer the Aquaclear filters.

  2. Does this tetra filter last a long time though? Anyway had any good experiences with it long term? I was reading that the motor housing does not attach to the body well. Anyone had that experience too?

  3. Such a nice product but Whisper IQ Power Filter is very best because i am using this filter for 2 years.


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