About Us


Fish Tank Focus was created to help people to make informed choices about the products they buy for their fish tanks.  We also share views, opinions and the experience of keeping fish.

Have you ever wanted to buy a fish tank product and been confused and uncertain about which product is best?  Or, worse, bought a product only to learn later that you didn’t buy the right one for your needs? This is why Fish Tank Focus was started.

The ‘Fish Tank Focus’ mission is simple: to create world’s best fish tank and product reviews.

We believe the world’s best fish tank reviews are the ones that help you select the right products for your specific needs, budget, and interests.

Our aim is to be honest and open – we review products and reviews by others. We might not be popular with some manufacturers because we will tell you the truth about a product.  We are not here to promote fake reviews that are sometimes used on various websites.

We are also an Amazon Affiliate – which means we make a small percentage on any products you buy from this website on Amazon.com.  This helps pay for the articles and research.


Fish Tank Focus has a simple approach, to be be clear on our views and to welcome feedback from real buyers as to their experience.

If you have an opinion about a product, be that fish tank filters, heaters, cleaning products or any other fish tank product we are interested in your experience.

We will try to point out good practice that helps you keep your fish safe.

For example, we think that having two heaters in your tank is better than only one.  We will explain our views not just state them – so why 2 heaters?  If one fails the other keeps working – your tank does not go cold.  Two heaters will heat the water to the right temperature and then switch off. Your electrical bill is the same as having one as the two heaters are working for a shorter time together.  The same amount of heat is added to the tank by two heaters as by one heater.

We will also show you various heaters and review them for you.  If a heater is always failing or over heating we will tell you.  If you know of a product that is not working as expected please tell us.

When we read reviews, it’s not enough just to know if the reviewer liked or disliked the product.  We want to know how it stacks up against all the other top products out there, and why one product may be better than another.

Our ‘Focus‘ is the truth about fish tanks and associated products to help all those ‘Fishkeepers’ ‘aquarists’ since many of you are not solely interested in keeping fish.


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