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The Bright and Beautiful Rainbow Tetra – A Comprehensive Care Guide

A beginner’s guide containing everything you need to know about keeping Rainbow Tetra fish happy and healthy. Rainbow Tetra – Quick Facts Fish Info Scientific Name Nematobrycon lacortei Family Characidae Appearance A stunning rainbow multicolor with red and blue being more dominant, along with shades or yellow and orange. Difficulty Beginner/Intermediate Distribution San Juan River … Read more

Celestial Pearl Danio (Galaxy Rasbora) – Size, Tank Mates, Breeding & More [Care Guide]

Celestial Pearl Danio Care Guide

The celestial pearl danio is a popular peaceful freshwater fish. Find out about size, tank mates, breeding, and much more in this extensive care guide. Celestial Pearl Danio – Quick Facts In a rush? Check out the quick facts about Celestial Pearl Danio below. Fish Info Scientific Name Danio margaritatus Common Names Celestial Pearl Danios, … Read more